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Obtaining Your Medical Records

Defeating The Gatekeeper

Have you been injured and think you may need the advice of an attorney? Know your rights! For any injury for which you were seen by a medical professional, know that you should obtain your entire medical record. All patients have the right to obtain and view their entire medical chart from their medical providers. Oftentimes providers will only provide pre-drafted summaries of the diagnosis and treatment options if the patient does not demand in writing a copy of their complete chart. When investigating a potential law suit the attorney must have all the available evidence in order to make a determination as to whether a lawsuit is actionable. In that regard, patients must know their rights and how to handle the record custodian gatekeeper.

Unfortunately hospital often times use expensive copying fees as a deterrent to patients obtaining their records. Under Oklahoma law (76 O.S. §19) the patient has the right to obtain medical records that are kept electronically (which virtually all records are now) at a rate of 30 cents a page rather than the 50 cents a page for hard copies. Patients should request all records be placed on a CD or zip drive in order to reduce costs of hard copies. Further Oklahoma Law sets the maximum cost of obtaining medical records to $200 and providers are required to provide the records within 30 days of them being requested.

Obtaining your entire medical record will help your attorney to have the complete facts and evaluate your case to see how he can help. Whether for medical malpractice or injury, know your rights and your history so that we can help better advocate for you. Housley Law Group has the experience you need to get the recovery you deserve. Call to schedule your free consultation now!

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